After reviewing journal keywords, Deen Freelon and team find that political communication scholars just aren’t talking about race.
Providing information and building power for communities outside the traditional “Rich, White, and Blue” audience.
Thinking of privacy as an individual-level phenomenon won’t support the systemic solutions we need.
Plus, two papers on visual misinformation we’re reading and plenty of events to put on your calendar.

February 2023

The citation disparities get worse at the top of the pyramid
Breaking out of colonial exploitation, prioritizing the right problems, and centering power in design and analysis
Twitter plans to end free access to its API on Monday but hasn’t released information on what pricing and access options it will make available going…
and other less-likely search literacy tips

January 2023

It may be time for a new approach to disinformation studies
We kicked off our spring speaker series yesterday with a talk by Elizabeth Dubois on the hate and harassment journalists and health communicators face…
We hope everyone had a restful holiday break, and happy new year! Last week, Francesca Tripodi presented at the Winter School of the Catholic University…

December 2022

On December 2nd, Shannon McGregor discussed the role of identity, power, and social media in her presentation titled "Political Campaigns, Social Media…